SUVA Hydra FX Liner - Doodle Dee

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What is it?

Bring #SUVAMixology to life with ‘DOODLE DEE’ - SUVA Beauty’s Mix Cake Hydra FX! Doodle Dee is a beautiful combination of neon pink and orange. It's the analogous aesthetic you've been dreaming of, PLUS it glows under UV/blacklight!

SUVA Beauty’s Hydra Liners/FX formula is a punch of solid opaque color. It’s smudge proof and transfer resistant – it won’t fade until it’s removed!


Key Features:
・Water activated cake makeup (two colors!)
・Smudge proof + transfer resistant
・Opaque daylight color that also glows under UV blacklight!
・Cruelty free + vegan

Net weight: 10g/0.35oz

*Product volume appearance may vary between shades. All finished products have a net weight of 10g/0.35oz*

How to Use:

・Optional: scrape the product onto a makeup palette before activating
・Wet makeup brush with water

・Use the wet brush and mix it into the Hydra Liner/FX product
・Mix VERY WELL and apply once a creamy consistency is achieved (like melted ice-cream). Wet brush further and continue mixing if needed
・Let the product fully air dry before storing away!