MEAN GIRLS Holiday Bundle

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The ultimate Mean Girls bundle.  This bundle is the prettiest you’ll ever own. It includes a carb-free selection of grool products such as:

  • 2 Mystery Quad Palettes in either Cady Heron & Karen Smith OR Regina George & Gretchen Weiner to instantly transform your look from a home-schooled jungle freak to a major regulation hottie in just one swipe.  Universally flattering and perfect for everyone from beginners to Plastics.
  • Burn Book Hand-Held Mirror which is perfectly sized and comfortable to hold while you create "really pretty" day or night looks
  • Regulation Hottie Cooling Face Mist that will make you feel like a regulation hottie with every spritz
  • The Plastics 4 Piece Brush Set and Bag, which so fetch and perfect for the holiday season

Oh, and remember, on Wednesdays we wear pink!

Get this grool bundle now, supply is limited!!