SPALIFE LED Light Face + Body Shaver


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SpaLife's LED Light Face + Body Shaver delivers a nice and precise, ouch-free shave for both the face and body. This multi-functional tool can be used to groom your brows, trim peach fuzz on the face or arms, or even shave the bikini area. The sleek lightweight design makes this tool a perfect travel companion, keeping you fuzz-free when on the go! WHY WE LOVE IT: * Easily thins and trims unwanted face and body hair * Includes 6 replaceable stainless steel blade attachments * Built in LED light so you won't miss a single hair HOW TO USE: * Thoroughly wash and dry skin * Press the power button to turn light ON * Hold skin firmly in place while you move the blade over desired area of face * Move at a slow pace, going from left to right while avoiding sensitive areas such as the eyes * When you are finished, press the button again to turn light OFF * Allow 1-2 hours before applying makeup or other facial products Requires 1 AAA battery, not included