CRYSTAL BAR SOAP - Holly Berries 9 oz. Crystal Infused Holiday Bath Bomb


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Prasiolite connects with the heart, clears disharmonious energy, and opens you, totally, to love and compassion. It is an amplifier of energy and will strengthen your mind and help you express your emotions. It will bridge with what is in your heart and help you unleash your inner power and have the confidence to share what you think or feel in the most effective way. 

The refreshing blend of sparkling plums and holly berries.

Every Crystal Bar Soap/Bath Bomb is handmade in Los Angeles from our all woman team. Made with Intention – each bar of soap is 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben and paraffin free and embedded with an ethnically sourced tumbled crystal. Every bar of soap is sealed for freshness and labeled with ingredients and information about the gemstone inside.