HEIMISH All Clean Balm (50mL)

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3-in-1 Perfect and Affordable Cleansing Balm!

This is a 3-in-1 make-up remover that easily takes down thick make-up, impurities, and other excesses that has been layered throughout the day. 

Perfect for days where you just want to cleanse your face all in one step. No need to double cleanse!


✔ Quickly dissolves into oil when in contact with skin and removes
    - Make-up (especially waterproof), dirt, sunscreen
✔ Washes off easily with water without leaving any residue
✔ Convenient mini spoon included to help scoop clean and adequate usage
✔ Gently cleanses the face without removing any skin layers
✔ Clears up any blackheads and clogged pores
✔ Contains a mild herbal fragrance that does not linger on the skin


Who is it for?

✔ For all skin type

✔ User who wants perfect cleansing without double cleansing

✔ User who dislikes flowing oil type and left-over stuff


How to use:

Use built-in spatula to scoop moderate amount of balm and gently massage over dry skin and rinse it with warm water.