SPALIFE Happy Roots Balancing Scalp Serum


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  • Use the SpaLife "Happy Roots" Balancing Scalp Serum when your scalp feels out of whack. Infused with cooling peppermint to hydrate and soothe, ginger root to help strengthen strands, plus added tea tree oil to help remove buildup and ditch the itch. The result is happier roots and a totally zen scalp. Treat yourself to some much-needed “me” time with a soothing, refreshing hair treatment without ever stepping foot in the spa.

    • Rejuvenates hair and Enhances Elasticity. "Happy Roots" Serum is made with only the highest quality ingredients and will help to promote hydration with Ceramide from Rice Bran.
    • Part hair into sections, apply 1-2 drops to each section, massaging the serum into the scalp. 
    • Our Balancing Scalp Serum with peppermint is an excellent moisturizer and emollient that helps you restore your hair softness while leaving it silky and smooth.
    • Perfect for Massaging Sore Muscles and Joints and Reducing Inflammation.
    • Helps To Absorb Quickly And Deliver Benefits Deeper In hair.