CALA Bamboo Hair Brush

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Bamboo Hair Brush

CALA® Bamboo Hair Brush is the ideal, eco-friendly way to smooth and straighten your hair. Each brush has a flexible cushion base for soft brushing, and the bristles help to massage the scalp, increasing blood circulation and improving the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Hair Type: All Hair Types

Trial/Travel Size: Yes 

Hair Texture: Light, Medium, Thick

Hair Concerns: Frizz, Shine, Straightening, and Smoothing 

Key Features:

  • Gently detangles wet or dry hair
  • Ideal for normal to thick hair with lots of volumes
  • Helps to detangle hair while minimizing breakage
  • Ball-tipped bristles in a firm cushion base glide through hair without pulling

How To Use:

Use on dry or wet hair. Brush through the hair in long strokes from roots to ends.