DREAM CLEAN No Touch Key (Pack of 2)

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  • Zero Contact Door Opener - When you need to open the door, Stretches over door knob, press the buttons and turn the door knob easily, Slips on quickly with no tools required. No drill and tools need, no harm to the door
  • Easy To Use - These Door Opener Tools are made of Aluminum alloy, practical and durable. They applies Ergonomic design. Hold on one side and make the other one side touch other things
  • Eco Friendly Multitools - Made from a solid piece of brass, the Hand hook is made to help you open doors & use shared surfaces. The Door Closers are small in size, which is convenient and fast, you can take it with you everywhere
  • Multifunction Opener Tool - Use the Hygiene Hand for pressing buttons, moving chairs, flushing a toilet and carrying grocery bags etc
  • Wide Range of Use - Necessary artifacts, door handles, touch keys, buttons, auxiliary precautions, folding sticks, handles, gifts, etc. Easy to press buttons, move a chair, flush a toilet, and carry grocery bags, etc

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