ACROPASS Soothing Q Bug Bite Patches

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  • The bug patch instantly soothes and relieves the skin after getting bitten by an insect, as well as protects from further redness.
  • The adhesive of the patch contains active natural ingredients including licorice extract and tea tree leaf oil to soothe and refresh the skin.
  • Features an innovative microneedle technology that each microneedle is about 1/4 the thickness of the human hair, in which dissolving ingredients are formed into microstructures. This structure enters the skin membranes without damaging the skin.

How to use:

  1. Towel dry the skin area after cleansing.
  2. Remove the white protective film with a dry hand. (Be sure not to touch the microstructure in the middle.)
  3. Position the patch on the center of the targeted area (make sure the area is dry). Do not slide your fingers on the patch, instead press down several times to attach it.
  4. Remove after 2 hours.